Our Services

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Aerial Services

This new and exciting platform provides our surveyors a way to safely, accurately and reliably capture data with the latest remote sensors.

Civil Engineering / Planning

MEGA provides a complete range of services to communities, government agencies, developers and commercial clients.

Electrical Engineering

We with a wide variety of components, devices and systems to design power distribution systems, control systems, interior and outdoor lighting and fire alarm systems.

Federal Building Facia

Federal Contracting

MEGA’s federal expertise includes VA Campus’s, Federal and GSA Properties.

Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering

MEGA provides all phases of geotechnical services to help determine how the characteristics of the soil conditions on the site will react under the stress caused by the weight of the structure.

Survey Equipment

Land Surveying

Our survey staff utilizes advanced technology such as Global Positioning Systems (GPS), electronic data collectors and our Inspire 1 Drone.

Grass and Causeway

Landscape Architecture

Through art and science, our landscape architects work diligently to obtain the perfect balance between the build and the natural environment.


Mechanical Engineering

MEGA creates the support that is necessary for infrastructure function and efficient building.

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Seismic Services

MEGA conducts Seismic Surveying (both 2D and 3D surveys) ranging from 1 mile to 1,000 miles and 1 square to 20 squares respectively.